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"Why have you stopped posting? I'd love to read.."

Asked by x-erotica

There have been so many things going on. I have not been able to take the time I really wanted to write anything down. I will be posting soon as I am about to retire and will have more time to focus on this site. However I will give you an update. My wife currently has a steady lover. We have not as of yet had a MMF encounter with this lover, but she has pursued several lovers until she settled with this one. Our marriage is much stronger as the trust and honesty between us has grown and we have no need to hide anything from one another. I believe this is truly lacking in most relationships.

Well let the parties begin:

Wow, last week was so busy. I have been so stressed out over my potential promotion and evaluation I have had no sex drive whatsoever. Friday was my evaluation, and I was recommended for my next promotion… woot! But the aftermath of stress and anxiety is just now coming to a close. I have had sex with “S” three times in the past five days, but each time has been riddled with issues. My cock has seemed to have a mind of its own and will get hard and soft then hard then soft repeatedly throughout our love making session. I get frustrated which does not help anything. “S” has been thoughtful and helpful and in the end we both “get off” but I think the residual stresses of last week are hanging on to my subconscious.

"J" and "S" are talking on a regular basis and we have spoken on many occasions and he is a really nice guy. "S" and I continue to find him comfortable and are looking forward to meeting him in a few weeks. I am looking forward to the whole MFM experience and the funny thing is, is that it has not quite sunken in with "S" how it is all going to work. LOL. I have shown her pics and videos of MFM interactions but I guess it will not quite sink in until she is in that "position". :) I am looking forward  to it…

Till next time.

What a week this will be:(

I am feeling bad as I am about to go through a job related evaluation, which will determine my next promotion. I have been having to spend so much time focusing on that; that my sexual appetite has been little to none. I feel bad for “S” as I know she is feeling a bit ignored, but with the stress of this upcoming evaluation I have just not been able to get into the mood at all. I think it has been 5 days now without sex, and though I would like to have sex, my mind is elsewhere and that is not conducive to a good time at all.

"S" is very understanding and supportive, I just wish I could eliminate this added stress. I have 5 more days until the evaluation and that will be a huge relief removed from my shoulders. I have been hoping and praying for this evaluation for almost 3 yrs and now that it is here, my nerves are shot, and there is so much I have to do to get ready for it.

"S" is still talking to "J" and they are hitting it off well. I am still very comfortable with this lifestyle we have chosen, I just wish I was not so preoccupied with the extra stress of work at the moment.

The excitement begins: woot!!!

Two days ago “S” asked me what I thought of sexually positioning ourselves for this man “J” she has been speaking with. I originally thought she wanted me to take pictures of us having sex, as I had taken pictures the night prior of “S” wearing some new bras we had just recently purchased. “J” wanted to see her in them, as well as her wearing the “hand bra”. “S” and I had a great time taking the pics and then sending them to “J”, and listening to his response.

When “S” told me about the sex positions I assumed she wanted still pics of our sexual interactions, but instead she told me that “J” would be on webcam, and would be joining us via Skype. At first I was a bit apprehensive as our sexual video abilities have always turned into disasters but I was willing after some thought to give it a try.

We set up “S’s” laptop so there would be a clear view of us as I pleasured her, and proceeded to wait for him to log onto the internet so we could proceed. I have to admit we had already begun playing with one another and were very well “amped up” by the time he logged on. I began to go down on “S” and tasted her sweet juices flow over my chin, her deep sighs indicated to me that she was ready for my thick cock to fill her.

I walked around the bed, and she drew my member into her mouth and deep-throated me until I grew too hard for her to continue without gagging. I really was not paying any attention to “J” on the computer or his reaction to our love-making but I could very well tell that “S” was excited and that stirred me more than anything else could have. I positioned myself over “S” and slowly pushed the head of my cock into her. She groaned in pleasure, and then gasped as I plunged the rest of my cock into her tight tunnel. I ground my groin against her clit, then pulled out all the way only to thrust into her again and again. I had to slow on several occasions as I began to lose control due to her pussy muscles spasming over my shaft.

We had spoken earlier about how she wanted me to cum on her tits, so when I could not handle anymore, I pulled out and spewed my creamy cum all over her tits and she jerked back as some of it hit her face. She proceeded to look at “J” and dipped her fingers into the cum on her chest and licked her fingers clean.

We are both feeling really comfortable with “J” and we are looking forward to meeting him in person. He is married and his wife is fully aware of his activities with us. Additionally, he is just looking for a good time with no “hang-ups”, we seem to fill what he is looking for, just as he seems to fit perfectly into the sexual world we are creating for ourselves as a couple.

More will follow as it occurs, send me your comments as you read this.

Lots of Laughs

"S" has been busy talking to a few potential men, and she found one that seems to really fit the bill. This man has a great sense of humor, he has had both "S" and I laughing our asses off. "S" is feeling very comfortable with this entire concept of "hotwifing" and now thinks it is really cool of me to suggest it.

This man she is speaking with is married but his wife is aware of his activity, so there is no fear of retaliation should she “discover” her husband’s activities. He is happily married as well and has no intention of leaving his wife, but they have an open marriage. Additionally, he is apparently very comfortable with my presence, and is looking forward to meeting me and “S” for a “meet-up”. I am thinking when we get settled we will have him over for a BBQ, and see where it goes.

He has described to “S” how he just wants to make her the center of attention and help me create as many “O” faces as possible. I am really all for that and am getting excited about it myself.

Busy yet active

Wow, things have really been hectic lately. “S” and I are preparing to move to a new location for work, and the whole, “Get everything packed and ready for movers.” is kicking our asses.

"S" has set up a profile on an adult dating site and has received over 100 views just within the past 4 days. She has responded to several of them and there is one in particular who seems like a good fit, with one exception; he was originally looking for a woman to date and see with out the accompanied baggage of the husband. But, one of the "rules" "S" and I developed was that this was to be a shared event, I am not wanting anything to do with the lover but I have to be present. The gentleman we have been speaking to on a more regular basis, is very hesitant to commit to anything due to my potential presence.

He is very attracted to “S” and I think she has been putting him at ease in regards to joining the two of us. “S” and I discussed that the possible lover seems to be warming to the idea, as he becomes more and more comfortable with “S”. I am thinking after a couple months I will introduce myself to him and hopefully cure any fears or concerns he may have.

With the stress of the move and other factors “S” and I have slowed down our love-making down to once every other day vs. everyday. I cannot wait for the move to be over, and to get settled into our new location but it will be a couple months still. :{

Oh well, no worries I will continue to post as events occur and/or change.

Hotwifing hits the dating services

Well after my last post I have to say “S” has really embraced the idea of hotwifing. While I know she is primarily doing it for me, there is definitely a part of her that is stimulated, and this truly excites me.

"S" created a profile on an adult oriented dating service and has had multiple responses and is actively chatting with a couple of them. I was slightly surprised that she preferred older men 35-45 rather than the younger ones but she informed me that she would rather have a man who is mature and not trying to compete with me for her attention. Truly I agree with this. I am not insecure in myself at all but this is to be a pleasant experience for both of us and I don’t think I need to be put into a defensive position.

Right now the men she has shown an interest in have been very nice, and I think as long as the physical chemistry is there will work out well. I know she will be talking to them for a few months while we are in transition to my new work location, but once we get settled it will be interesting to see where this goes.

"S" did have one day when she began her profile where she felt uncomfortable as she did not feel right "cheating" on me. I had to reassure her that she was not "cheating" as I was fully aware of her activities and anything that did arise I would be a participant. I also told her that we are the ones who make the rules for our lives and our marriage, and as long as we are both comfortable with our situation the term "cheating" is relative.

I know she is getting turned-on by the conversation with these men and the thought of this developing into something physical. I am here for her the whole way and getting excited as I watch her during this process.


"S" shares her feelings on hotwifing

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I laid down for a nap, but we were having a difficult time sleeping. I told her I was horny, and she asked me what I was thinking about to make me so horny. I told her I was thinking of her with another man. She told me to explain what the appeal was in regards to her being with another man. She also told me that while I was ok with the whole idea of hotwifing, she was still feeling like she was and yet was not cheating on me.

I told her again how we have a very strong marriage and I love her so much that I want her to have the most extremely pleasurable experience she could possibly have. I described how I imagine another man taking her and how I get so excited by seeing her excitement and “O” face. The conversation continued a bit more in those directions, when she exposed her pussy and placed a pussy clamp around her labia and clit. I slowly massaged her labia and clit, while she used a vibrator on herself bringing herself to near climax. She removed the clamp and vibrator and invited me to fill her with the real “deal”. When I entered her she was soaking wet, and easily filled her pussy with my 8” cock. I pounded her repeatedly, slowing it down at times while just putting the head of my dick inside her, then removing it again; only to thrust the full length of my cock into her love tunnel. I could feel her stretching with each thrust, and her moans almost sent me over the edge myself, but I held on long enough for me to feel her pussy muscles contract triggering her orgasm. At this point I let all control leave my body and I ground our groins together, my pubis grinding against her clit and my cock pushing her cervix to the side to make room for my engorged member. One final vaginal muscle contraction later sent both of us over the edge and we collapsed together with me staring into her eyes.

As I have said before our sex life is awesome and we have a deep and profound love for one another. “S” agreed to look up more information about hotwifing, and later in the evening she went to where she was able to research more about the lifestyle. She says she has a better understanding of it and is becoming more open to the idea of me sharing her with a lover. Once again we shall see how it all plays out. Bye for now.

Returning from the second honeymoon

Well the wife and I have returned from our second honeymoon. We had a great time taking hikes in the Alps and truly enjoying each others company. I tried to spice things up a bit during the trip there by challenging my wife to flash her breasts to one complete stranger during the trip but unfortunately “S” chickened out… LOL

But everyday was filled with beautiful scenery and spicy sex. One night she came out on the patio of our hotel room with nothing on beneath her night gown. She pulled up her nightgown and began touching herself. The position she was in allowed me to have a perfect view of her pussy, as well as several other people should they have emerged onto their patios. I don’t know if anyone else saw her touching herself but the thought of it caused my penis to engorge and later I spent my time showing her how much I appreciated her.

"S" is becoming more open to the idea of "hotwifing" but she still has her concerns in regards to my reaction to her being with another man. She had once had a threesome "FFM" with an ex and "S" explained how she had to push back feelings of guilt and jealousy. I tried to explain the difference between the two situations, and I believe my wife understands but I will continue to pursue this course until its completion.

I will let you all know how things progress. Please send me comments, to let me know there are those reading these postings.